About Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is a holistic martial art seeking to use internal energy (‘Chi’) for good health, self-development and self-defence.To help realise the famous soft power of internal energy, the initial training concentrates on slow, relaxed, flowing movement. This makes it adaptable to many levels of health and fitness. Through this inclusive approach, Tai Chi has become regarded the world over as a fun and effective way to strengthen mind, body and spirit for young and old alike.

What can it do for me?

Tai Chi is renowned as a stress-buster: a way to harmonise mind, body and spirit; rebuild core mental and physicalstrength; and learn a strong centred approach to life. Those busy with the daily pressures of work and home find that regular practice creates the balance, strength and robustness to enjoy the moment and relax within what seems to be an ever-more complex and demanding life. Studies have found that even moderate amounts of Tai Chi practice can, amongst other things, reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, increase strength and range of motion in joints, improve immune function, improve many muscle/joint disorders, aid recovery from injury and lighten your mood. At more advanced levels the training can be quite vigorous and, should you want, martial. So as you deepen your experience you can broaden your skill base. As it is a practical, grounded tool for investigating how Chi works we find interest from practitioners of disciplines such as Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupuncture, or Reiki who seek a deeper understanding of their own arts. It is for these same reasons that we find many external martial artists looking into a study of internal energy in order to take the next step of their particular journeys as well.

How to start?

Getting started can be as easy as picking up the phone to talk to the instructor, sending an email or turning up to a class. JDIATCC classes are designed to be friendly and accessible and we don’t expect any special experience, knowledge or levels of health or fitness. The basic idea is: if you can stand, you can do Tai Chi.

Most instructors would love you to join in for your first class, as Tai Chi can be as safe and comfortable as you want it to be. However most will be equally happy for you to stay and watch, asking questions when people are available and just seeing if it is for you. It must be said, though, that no amount of watching Tai Chi can convey the feeling of actually doing it. So for a thorough investigation into whether it suits you perhaps 3 or 4 lessons should be taken.

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