Enhancing balance, strength and vitality

The main focuses of study in Tai Chi are its Chi Kung, its Forms and its Pushing Hands practice. All of these can be scaled, altered and changed in both the way they look and the intensity of practice so that they can bring you back to health.

Each aspect of Tai Chi is for understanding, harnessing and cultivating your internal energy (Chi) flows so that you become more and more adept at using them for day-to-day living. A robust mind and body naturally develop through regular practice.

Chi Kung (Qigong)

Our basic Chi Kung standing meditation is a series of static postures designed to give you a Qigongfirm foundation for advanced study of Tai Chi. The main focus is on creating stillness and relaxation in the mind and body and creating the correct joint alignments to sink energy unimpeded to your Tan Tien (centre). Over time the energy will begin to naturally circulate – opening and healing your body and mind. Chi Kung relaxes, refreshes and helps you to heal through internal change.

The Forms

The Forms are beautiful soft flowing sequences of martial arts movement/meditation. They teach you how to keep your flows of internal energy at all times, during all sorts of Formspractical movement. In addition repetition of the Forms builds your muscles and joints in a way that further supports the flow of internal energy. The Forms are a fantastic toolkit for investigating how internal energy works and the different ways it can be useful to you (each movement contains all the important concepts and principles of how to use internal energy). When looking at doing Tai Chi just for health it is important to perform the movements soft, large and with even flow. This will make your internal energy work harder and physically open and strengthen your body more. It is also important to test each movement by having people resist them (initially gently). This posture testing gives you important feedback as to how well your movement is using internal energy and gets you more used to working with energy. This puts you in a much better position to use internal energy (rather than external force) during your everyday life.

Push Hands

Push hands practice is paired work which looks at developing your strength and sensitivity of using internal energy concepts and principles whilst both you and your practice partner Push Handsare moving and in contact with each other. The practices have a lot of martial use, but are performed in a non-aggressive, non-threatening way. Further, like other aspects of Tai Chi, they can be adapted to most levels of health and fitness. Apart from taking your Tai Chi for health practice further, they are also good for dissolving issues you may have about being in contact with others whilst remaining relaxed and centred


Regular Tai Chi practice can:

  • Improve your sense of well-being
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Control weight gain
  • Help regulate type 2 diabetes
  • Speed post-operative recovery
  • Lessen feelings of depression and low energy (including conditions like ME)
  • Reduce falls in the elderly
  • Improve many musclar-skeletal conditions
  • Boost your immune system
  • Relieve stress
  • Help heal long-standing injuries
  • and more……why not give it a try?