Master Ding Academy

About Master Ding Academy (MDA)

Master John Ding founded the Master Ding Academy (MDA) of Tai Chi Chuan to preserve and promote the traditional, holistic approach of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan training, following a lifetime’s pursuit of excellence in Martial Arts.

Master Ding Academy Tai Chi is characterised by a strong emphasis on building health, power and understanding of internal energy through experiential study of Tai Chi’s concepts and principles. The result is a system that we hope teaches you strength and calmness in the face of all life’s aspects, lightened by a true joy for living.

John Ding AcademyMaster Ding Academy covers the entire traditional Yang style tai chi syllabus, so no matter how deeply you want to look into Tai Chi, we will be there for you. In addition you will benefit from the unique skills of this generation’s Master Ding Academy teachers and masters who work hard to make the process fun, flexible and inclusive. To us it is all about transmission of the real skill of Tai Chi which is carried from generation to generation by the proper understanding and execution of its concepts and principles. If you are after more from your Tai Chi, look no further.


If you train with us on a regular basis it makes sense to become a Master Ding Academy member. Membership is open to all individuals of good character (irrespective of age, sex, religion, or race) who agree to abide by Master Ding Academy’s rules and regulations.

For your annual fee you are entitled to:

  • Reduced fees for Master Ding Academy seminars

    Members practising Tai Chi outside the JDIATCC HQ in London's Dockland

    Members practising Tai Chi outside the JDIATCC HQ in London's Dockland

  • Reduced fees for Master Ding Academy retreats (UK and overseas)
  • A free annual subscription to Tai Chi & Alternative Health (TCAH), an international and the U.K.’s leading quarterly Tai Chi Chuan magazine
  • Discount on holidays, China Tours, mail order purchases and other activities organised by TCAH.